A SharePoint Template to Manage a Small Project

When it comes to project management, one of the most important things to understand is that there are different workloads with differing amounts of project management.  If you have a small project that does not require a lot of project management, you would be looking for at a solution similar to the Project Lite pictured in the spectrum.  *Remember this is just to give you some ideas about project management – and then show you how it can be done in SharePoint (with templates!).

spectrum project lite

Manage a Small Project – Project Lite

A template like Project Lite allows you to manage one project with a starter amount of project management. In a post later this week I will show you a template that aggregates up and reports across many individual projects, but for now let’s focus on managing a single project in a loosely structured way.

The screenshot below shows you what this template (or one similar) could potentially look like.  You can see that we are introducing some process, some project management, but it is only enough to manage a small, not-very-complex project.  When you say “starting point,” this is the type of thing you should be thinking about.

project lite projects home

One thing I will make note of briefly is the Quick Launch.  The thinking behind this is that you create a project site with an amount of project management, and then it is broken down into a sensible approach.  In this case, you have the homepage and then two basic PM phases. The Quick Launch maps to a loosely structured project management approach as follows:

  1. Projects Home – houses your project status reports and a bunch of dashboards
  2. Initiate & Plan – manage items related to project planning
  3. Execute & Control – track and manage project activities

Project Management Example: Task Management

Under Initiate & Plan is where you would plan and assign tasks and responsibilities.  So what happens when you need to update those plans?

project lite tasks update datasheet select

If you click on tasks update and then navigate to the “pseudo-Excel view” we looked at yesetrday (aka the Datasheet), you can easily make your updates in an Excel-like grid.  Super easy right!

project lite tasks update datasheet

Then you’d simply click on Task Reports on the Quick Launch and voila!  You see the same information you entered in the spreadsheet rendered in a nice Gantt chart report.  The same would be true the issue reports, work reports, and so on.

project lite tasks report

Some projects only require a “lite” amount of project management.  In the template described here, you would have one SharePoint site to manage one project.  You could use a template like this many, many, many times to manage lots of projects – and then use another template to report across all of them.  Pretty neat stuff!  In a later this week I will look at a template that aggregates all of your individual project sites.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of this blog is not say: “Here’s a template, this is the only way!”  I really just want to give you ideas and hopefully spur you into action.  What I really want you to understand is the concept of introducing an amount (a lot or a little or an amount in between), and then baking that process into a SharePoint site in a reusable SharePoint template.

Get started today with our Free SharePoint Project Management Lite template that gives you just enough project management to create and track a project on SharePoint with the greatest of ease.

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