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Project Pipeline Management with Microsoft 365 Templates

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The success of your project portfolios lies heavily on how you select and prioritize them. Project Pipeline Management allows you to choose the right projects and in the order that fits your business strategy the best.


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In PMI’s 9th Global Project Management Survey, one of the biggest reasons of project failure was poorly defined objectives or their disalignment with the implementation strategy. Even high functioning PMOs cannot achieve project management success if their project selection is not aligned to their organization’s business goals.



This article covers:

Project Portfolio Governance for Project Pipeline Management
2 ways to establish Project Portfolio Governance with BrightWork 365
Project Pipeline Management with Project Request System
BrightWork 365 integrations with Microsoft 365

Project Portfolio Governance for Project Pipeline Management

The Association for Project Management defines project portfolio governance as – ‘the selection, prioritization, and control of an organization’s projects and programs in line with its strategic objectives and capacity to deliver’.

Portfolio governance allows you to segregate portfolios, programs, and projects in the respective order of hierarchy. This is followed by selection, prioritization, and control using process flows standardized by templates.

Project Identification

Every big task is not necessarily a project. It is important that you separate projects from other business tasks, even if they involve working as a team. Read Six Characteristics of a Project here to know how you can separate tasks from a Project. Once you have identified your main projects, it will be easier to select the ones that serve your business goals.

Project Prioritization

Project selection alone doesn’t translate into successful Portfolio Governance. You must also prioritize projects in the order that will help you achieve your business goals in the most efficient way. This can be done with the help of business process flows. Process flows help you standardize your way pf project selection and prioritization.


2 ways to establish Project Portfolio Governance with BrightWork 365

Project Pipeline Management

Having a clear system to manage your new project requests allows you to manage your project pipeline as well. From drafting new requests, to ranking criteria, and creating a new project – BrightWork 365 PPM tool helps you design a project request management system. In this way, project team members can file a request and approvers can review, approve, or reject the requests – all in one place.

Project Visibility and Reporting

High visibility is another crucial aspect of project portfolio governance. Being able to view, share, and edit project information in a centralized place makes it easier for project teams to collaborate successfully.

Customizable project portfolio dashboards give immediate visibility and easy access to project information. BrightWork 365 helps you configure these project management templates and dashboards, so you can look at several projects across portfolios at a glance. These dashboards are highly customizable so you can create them to suit your own business processes.

Project reports are another way of sharing project data and information. BrightWork 365 integrates with Microsoft Power BI so you can easily record, analyze, and present data. With the intelligence of Power BI, you can create interactive project reports to leverage your project data to make data-backed information quickly.


Project Pipeline Management with Project Request System

BrightWork 365 Project Request Management is set up to support a process that is configurable for each project type, from a zero stage to a three-stage approval process. At any stage, a request can be sent back to the previous step for more information. This ensures the project stakeholders can track the progress of a project request through the process of – Drafting, Accepting, Reviewing, and Approval. All requests and their status can be tracked in the Request Area.

project request management

Once a project request is approved, the relevant manager can use the original request to launch a new project. They can carry over the key information, filled at the stage of drafting, to the new project site. This ensures the new project has the strategic alignment information that was utilized in the governance process.

BrightWork 365 integrations

BrightWork 365 integrates with Microsoft Power Automate to help you create and standardize such a system to streamline your new project requests. This Request dashboard gives you ample visibility and control to optimize your project pipeline.

You can choose from pre-built templates or configure them for each stage of the process as you go. Once set up, you can also automate the process flows, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for different project portfolios.

As explained above, Power BI-enabled templates can be used to generate and present interactive reports. This helps you complete the cycle of projects in your pipeline.

In summary, BrightWork 365 makes Project Pipeline Management Easier by setting up a system to:

  • Capture new project requests
  • Review and approve the right projects
  • Create project sites for approved requests
  • Evolve your project request process


Use BrightWork 365 to leverage Microsoft Templates, Power Automate, and Power BI for Project Pipeline Management
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