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One-Page Plan For a Successful High-Performance Team

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Although BrightWork is primarily known as a project management information tool, I believe it is a very powerful work management tool.

I have developed and successfully used a one-page planning process for developing high-performance teams. When combined with the work management features of BrightWork, it can be a powerful mechanism for driving high team performance.


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One Page Plan For a Successful High-Performance Team

The One-Page Plan promotes collaboration, communication,  and team alignment on the required activities to achieve agreed goals.

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The Work Management Challenge

The one-page plan provides a big picture overview of the activities required to achieve team success or a specific goal.

Following a planning workshop with the team, it can be challenging to maintain momentum, and drive the actions agreed and required to achieve the goals. This is where a structured work management tool such as BrightWork can provide great benefits in recording and reporting the progress of tasks.


The Five Benefits of the One Page Plan For High-Performance Teams

a) Promotes A Common Goal

High-performance teams share a common goal and the One-Page Plan is based around having a common goal.

During One-Page Planning workshops, I often spend some time with teams discussing what the common goal is as it may not be obvious to everyone.

It is a critical success factor that all the team members are aligned around a common goal; they should have a clear understanding of what it means and aims to deliver.

Part of this discussion should cover what team success looks like. I call this G1 success where customers are raving fans and the team consistently delivers exceptional results every time.


b) Provides a Big Picture

Another key attribute of a high-performance team is that they all see the big picture, understand how everyone fits into that picture, and what each team member can bring to the team ’s overall success.

Again, the One-Page Plan promotes a collaborative effort where individuals can see their contribution to the overall team goal as well as the big picture.


c) Facilitates a Structured Team Process

Process is the glue for a high-performance team and a One-Page Plan provides a visible framework for this team process.

A key deliverable of this team process is to celebrate success and acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals.

The One-Page Plan creation process is a fun, open, positive, future-focused activity that focuses on outcomes and metrics.


d) Determines Clear Goals With Roles & Responsibility

A One-Page Plan ensures that all goals are aligned with the shared goal of the overall team as well each supporting sub-goal has clear measures of success:

  • Team goals are developed and aligned as part of the overall team goal of the One-Page Plan.
  • Tasks are assigned to team members on the One-Plage Plan, which build commitment and engagement with clear measures of success – this is where the One Page for Successful High-Performance Teams excels.
  • Tasks with each key area of the One-Page Plan have names and dates for deliverables to help each team member understand what they need to do to support team success.


Another key driver of performance within a high-performance team is accountability.

The accountability of individuals on the One-Page Plan is very visible, especially when their name is allocated to a key work stream or an individual task that is displayed on a wall for everyone to see.


e) Improves Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is a critical success factor for a high-performance team where mutual trust, support, and respect are promoted.

The One-Page Plan process facilitates diversity, ideas, and inputs from everyone in a team, promoting shared decision-making and outcomes.

The overall big picture and the underlying process of the One-Page Plan help team members to coordinate their work to achieve alignment, efficiency, and effectiveness.


One Page Plan For High-Performance Team Process

Part One – The Workshop

1) Define and align on the overall goal of the team.

2) Identify the critical success factors to achieve this overall goal to determine the key areas to focus on.

3) For each key area, determine the sub-goal that will contribute to the overall team goal.

4) Determine measures of success for each of these key area sub-goals.

5) Brainstorm key next steps and milestones to reach each key area subgoal.

6) Identify owners for the success of each key area as well as allocating owners to the key next steps.

7) From the inputs, create a One Page Plan for Success.

 Provide a printed copy to each team member as well as creating a few wall posters of the One Page Plan for Team Success.

9) Review the One Plan for Team Success for additional inputs and progress.


Part Two – BrightWork Work Management

10) In BrightWork, create a Project Office for the Team One-Page Plan with the Overall Team Goal.

11) Create underlying projects to represent each of the workstreams.

12) For each project in the project statement, record the goal of the work stream and the measure of success for that work stream, as well as the owner for that work stream.

13) Then allocate the identified tasks of the work stream and assign to owners.

14) Progress on tasks on each stream can be reported and rolled up automatically to the Project Office representing the One Page Plan Goal.


Part Three – Celebrate Success

15) Celebrate success in front of one the One-Page Plan for Team Success wall posters.


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