My Top 5 Takeaways for SharePoint 2016 from Microsoft Ignite

May 20, 2015 by


  1. Hmmm … the first takeaway is that it is too early to say much with real certainty! Beta is in Q3, a release candidate probably in Q1 2016, and the release is Q2 2016, so understandably a lot more is planned than got a mention at Ignite. To give you an idea … of the 150 sessions flagged as SharePoint, only 6 mentioned SharePoint 2016, with the two standouts being “The Evolution Of SharePoint: Overview and Roadmap” and “What’s New For IT Professionals In SharePoint Server 2016”.
  2. Second, is that there is a SharePoint 2016 … and there will be a SharePoint 2019 and probably beyond that (Julia White, SharePoint GM confirmed this)! This was repeated time and again. Obviously, previous conferences had left it hanging in the air a bit but this time around there was none of that! The all-app message does remain and apps (now to be called add-ins) are as much for on-premises as the cloud.
  3. The approach … Cloud Inspired. SharePoint Server 2016 is being built on a version of SharePoint taken from the Office 365 cloud environment for the first time, and so the years that Microsoft has spent learning how to run SharePoint as a service will now translate into concrete dividends for on-premises users in terms of up time (4 x 9’s), general performance, upgrading, security, and lots more I’m sure.
  4. Hybrid is the future, and making it easy is the goal! From the single click scenarios to set up and configure hybrid, to a focus on SAML for authentication, a move away from a windows identity towards a ‘cloud identity’. Even better news is that for some of the hybrid improvements we will not have to wait for SharePoint 2016 as some features, like the Cloud Search Service Application, will be available for SharePoint 2013 at the end of this year.
  5. Upgrade, patching, and thresholds were announced with some hard facts to accompany them. Upgrade will be from SharePoint 2013 only (no direct path from SharePoint 2010). Upgrade and migration options will be available. The big news was to do with patching. A CU can sometimes be bigger than the SharePoint kit itself and this is to change with a major consolidation of the contents shipped. Some thresholds increase also, including the maximum file size limit  increasing to 10GB.


There was of course more! Durable links are going to be great (you will be able to rename or moves files and links to them will still work), MinRoles for server setup, mobile (should I have gone with Mobile First!), encryption, security improvements, telemetry, usage analysis, the list goes on.


Lots announced in May but I suspect a lot more to come over the next few months.


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