Friday Funny – 10 Signs You’re a Project Manager

I recently stumbled upon this brilliant list that I’m sure all project managers will be able to relate to! I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle when I read it…especially number 1!

10 Signs You’re a Project Manager

  1. Becoming tired of having a social life beyond work.
  2. Spending hours planning and re-planning a Friday night out.
  3. Thinking Rommel would have been more effective if he’d used a Gantt chart.
  4. Using so much jargon customers think you’re speaking a foreign language.
  5. Organising your life into milestones.
  6. Setting time based tasks for your family at weekends.
  7. Buying a personal copy of Microsoft Project for use at home.
  8. Giving regular status reports to your other half whilst doing the decorating.
  9. Creating a Gantt chart to plan your holidays.
  10. Referring to food at dinner parties as “deliverables.”

If you liked that, you can find even more lists here that will keep you smiling all weekend!

Is there anything else you would add? If so, reply below and give us a giggle 🙂


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