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Four Tips to Save Time When Using Outlook

July 20, 2016 by

Did you know for every 5 unnecessary minutes you spend on email each day, you are tracking to lose 1 full work year of your life? Use these four easy tips to save time when using Outlook.


Four Tips to Save Time When Using Outlook

Outlook Tip No.1: Shut it Down!

The first tip is to shut Outlook down! Close it! Turn it off! The last thing you need is to be distracted by emails all the time, so shut it off until you need to check your emails again.

Want to quickly write an email or create a task for later?  Right-mouse-click the Outlook icon in your computer tray to launch a pop-up menu with email and task options. The email will be sent when you next open Outlook.

Outlook tips


Outlook Tip No. 2: Use Flags

Use flags to set aside a time and place for emails that you are not ready to deal with right now. This is a great way to get the email out of your headspace and your Inbox in the meantime.

Simply right-mouse-click on the relevant email and select ‘Follow Up’ for today, tomorrow, next week or a more specific date. The email becomes a task in your calendar. File the email in your Archive folder so the message is no longer in your Inbox.

Once you have processed the email at the allocated time, mark as complete to remove from your ‘Task’ list.


outlook flags


Outlook Tip No. 3: Use ‘Search’

Use the Outlook ‘Search’ box to access the ‘Search Ribbon’ instead of manually searching multiple folders.  Outlook will hunt through all your email folders including deleted and sent folders, and it will bring back any emails that satisfy your search criteria.

outlook search


Outlook Tip No. 4: Use Tasks

We all have a “To-Do” list – or we should have! Why not manage your “To-Do” list in the Outlook ‘Task’ folder? Every time you think of something that needs doing, just add a task to Outlook. There is also a nice feature of the “recurring task”. Every time you complete the task it reappears one week or month later as you specify. Tasks can then be viewed:

  • ­ In the Outlook Task list
  • ­ In the Task pane of your Outlook calendar – so you can see the tasks for a particular day
  • ­ On your phone
  • ­ On a browser on any PC.


outlook tasks




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