BrightWork 15.4 New Release: 4 Key Highlights

BrightWork 15.4 New Release: 4 Key Highlights

June 8, 2016 by

This Summer, BrightWork will announce the latest release of our project management software – BrightWork 15.4.

Four key highlights in the upcoming release include:

  1. Simple scheduling
  2. Metric Tiles
  3. Enhanced scorecards
  4. Revamped Create Project.


See below for a review of these four highlights.


1. Task Scheduling

Many, many customers have asked us to deliver simple scheduling for tasks in BrightWork, as we had many moons ago with the old Project Schedule list. I am delighted to let you know that the next release of BrightWork for SharePoint 2013 and our first release on SharePoint 2016 (due later this Summer) will have this capability included.

Watch the short video below to learn more about simple scheduling.



2. Metric Tiles

A new feature we hope you’ll all enjoy is the Metric Tiles web part! It is a customizable and simple way to show metrics that you can place anywhere in your project.

See below for a visual example.


It’s great for keeping key metrics like % Complete, Open Issues or Project Completion Dates where everyone can see them.

Check out this video for a quick run-through.


3. Enhanced Scorecards

We have taken our scorecards to the next level in terms of look, feel and control! You can now pick from pre-defined themes, or simply tailor your scorecards exactly how you want.


Here’s a short clip that showcases the feature.


4. Revamped Create Project

And finally, a revamped Create Project! Lots of customers who create multiple projects have asked for greater control over the project creation process. You asked, we delivered!

You can now hide/expose some of the available options as you wish!

Watch the video below to gain a deeper understanding of the Create Project feature.




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