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Brainstorm Your Way to Project Success [Infographic]

August 30, 2016 by

Problems occur on all projects. Creative solutions are always needed to deliver on some of the project requirements. The team generally has or can come up with the solutions. You just need to give them the time and space. There are many ways to run the brainstorm style of meeting. We often use the “ABCD” method at BrightWork as illustrated in the below infographic. 


 Brainstorm Your Way to Project Success [Infographic]


Once your team becomes familiar with this template, you can use a shorter version of the “ABCD” agenda.  

 Option 1

  • Ask questions; Agree the Aim 
  • Blue-sky Brainstorm 
  • Critique with Conflict 
  • Discuss and Decide. 


Option 2:  

  • Aim 
  • Brainstorm 
  • Critique 
  • Decide. 


Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from our free book, Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

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Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

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