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Apple – Steve Jobs – Insanely Simple Project Management

November 11, 2013 by

I read a book last weekend on the recommendation of Markus Westerlund the CEO of Rdigo (a BrightWork partner company). The book is titled “Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success“. It is a good read for a few reasons:

  • It tells a great story – the story of Apple as seen from the inside – so it is a compelling industry read
  • It carries an important message – keep business simple
  • It has a section on how to be successful with Simple Project Management – the Apple / Steve Jobs tips


I guess I liked the book for more reasons than the above. At BrightWork we see customers struggling with the complexity of Project Management and we also see customers being very successful with their Project Management when they START simple and then evolve.

When reading the book I was triggered to relook at the famous Apple Ad – Think Different … and I was directed to a version narrated by Steve Jobs – well worth the 1 minute. You have to love the message in this.

So in the spirit of the Apple Ad – be a crazy one and implement Simple Project Management at your shop.

I commend this book to you! The following extract is taken from the website promoting the book

Ken Segall has literally captured lightning in a bottle. Insanely Simple reveals the secret of Steve Jobs’s success with such clarity, even we non-geniuses can make use of it. Ken shows us how to cut through the cobwebs of fuzzy thinking, bureaucracy and mediocrity, and clearly see what’s most essential—and therefore most important. Steve Hayden, legendary Apple creative director, author of the “1984” Super Bowl commercial


Collaborative Project Management: A Handbook

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