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APi Group IT Uses BrightWork to Implement Software Across 50+ Subsidiary Companies

July 27, 2016 by

APi Group IT was hindered with difficulties that stemmed from a lack of project visibility and reporting ability. As is a well-known tale for many companies, there was a practice of using multiple project management tools and methodologies within the department and in 2015 the IT department decided enough was enough. APi Group had been using SharePoint for quite some time and it was this connection that lead them to BrightWork and subsequently their decision to make it their project management tool. Some of the main motives behind their selection of BrightWork were that it is:

  • Built on the SharePoint platform
  • Customizable to their needs through multiple template options
  • Economical and has decent licensing terms
  • Practical for roll-up reporting.

Following the “Start, Evolve” Philosophy

APi Group IT is now utilizing BrightWork across the 6 teams that comprise the department. They followed the BrightWork “Start, Evolve” philosophy and deployed the software in one team first. Within 3 months it was then rolled out across all 6 teams. There are currently 50+ live projects within the solution. Ensuring the teams and managers were trained to use the software was fundamental to the successful rollout of BrightWork. Kim Norberg, APi Group’s IT Project Manager, spearheaded this training initiative, first with the team managers and then across the team members. This involved approximately 65 team members, 20 who were spread out across different regions.


One major application of BrightWork is in the deployment and implementation of software across the 50+ APi Group subsidiary companies. To avoid “reinventing the wheel”, they first pilot their process and then refine the template before deploying across the subsidiaries. They also use the solution for all new projects, using Project Request Manager for initial approval and project setup.

User adoption in these early days of deployment has generally been positive across all teams. At least 3-4 teams have even chosen to use the solution to document almost everything that is completed each week, which was not something that was initially intended in the roll out. They are doing this through projects and also through the work tracker feature. The teams like the visibility it brings to their workload as well as being able to show and track their efforts in what is a lean and busy department.

A Look to the Future

As APi Group IT is relatively new to BrightWork they will spend the next few weeks and months continuing their education of the different features available to them and how best to incorporate these functionalities. Many teams are keen to explore Resource Reporting so it is likely it will be the next initiative they look to deploy using the “Start, Evolve” philosophy.

APi Group Inc.

APi Group Inc. is a multi-billion-dollar parent company to more than 50 independently managed life safety, energy, specialty construction and infrastructure companies, located in over 200 locations worldwide. APi Group combines the personal attention of small-to-medium sized construction companies with the strength of an industry leader to bring innovation to the construction industry.

Kim Norberg, APi Group IT Project Manager


“Project requirements at APi Group IT are manifold. We didn’t need a “One Size Fits All” solution so being able to customize and configure BrightWork to our needs has been vital to our success.”

  • Kim Norberg, IT Project Manager



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