“All my work in one Place” Tasks List in SharePoint 2013

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Connecting people to their work and to their peers might be the most important building blocks of the collaborative project management process.  Seems obvious right?  Project people need to know what tasks are responsible for and when, as well as what their peers are up to.

But often, people will be working on many projects at once, so keeping all those responsibilities in order can be difficult.

In SharePoint 2013, you have this new report called “All My Work in one Place” to help you do just that.  It actually uses SharePoint search to crawl the various projects sites to search for all of your tasks and aggregate them on one tasks list.

all my work in one place


This list brings together all of your open work items.  There are options to show only your active items, important and upcoming, or by date due.  The items can be actioned right from this page and marked complete.  You can add new ones right from here and it will show up in the corresponding project site.  If you were syncing to Exchange, even your personal tasks can be brought in as well.

This is really practical. Instead of having to review every project site and Outlook for your tasks, you simply navigate to this “All My Work in one Place” and get going!

And this is the type of thing in SharePoint 2013 that BrightWork would extend so that it not only has your tasks but all your work … i.e. risks, issues, etc. all reported in one place, all updateable with the ability to add new ones as needed.


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