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4 Steps for Improved Stakeholder Engagement [SlideShare]

September 19, 2016 by

Building a good relationship with stakeholders is critical to project success. After all, a stakeholder is defined ‘as any person or group of people who have an interest in, can influence, or will be affected by any planned changes in an organization’. Using a stakeholder engagement plan will ensure that you secure the input and support of stakeholders early on to help the project proceed smoothly.

Developing a stakeholder engagement strategy offers several benefits:

  • Early and frequent engagement makes it easier to gain buy-in at all levels
  • Access to a wide range of expertise and knowledge
  • Improved resource management and allocation
  • Obtain insights into the desired outcome(s) of the project from the end user
  • Ongoing feedback, support, and collaboration.


Creating a stakeholder engagement strategy involves four principal steps:

  1. Define and identify your stakeholders
  2. Analyze your stakeholders in terms of interest and influence
  3. Plan your strategy
  4. Engage your stakeholders.


Each step is explained and explored in more detail in our SlideShare. The post, How Effective is Your Stakeholder Management Plan?, offers further tips and information from guest blogger, Ken Martin.



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