3 Ways to Notify Team Members of Their Responsibilities

June 16, 2016 by

When planning your project collaboratively, you will go through a planning stage that looks something like this:

Plan Desk Check Notify


You’ll have to plan your project accordingly by completing the following 4 sub-steps:

  1. Complete the Project Statement
  2. Define and Allocate the Tasks
  3. Add the Other Project Artifacts Needed
  4. Assign the Work

Once you have sufficiently planned your project, you will need to desk-check your project plan. This will involve re-checking the project and conducting a thorough review. Ensuring everything makes sense and there are no adjustments to make before your plan goes live.

The final step when planning and setting up a project is Notify.

3 Ways to Notify Team Members of their Responsibilities

It is all very well to plan a project in detail but you will need to let team members know the plan for success. The more high-quality communication on your project the better the chance your plan for success will come true. Project team members are very smart and capable, so be sure to empower them by letting them know what is going on.

Three mechanisms to do this include:

  1. Involving your team on some or all of the prior planning steps.
  2. Hosting a project kick-off meeting where you introduce team members to the project and walk them through the project site
  3. Setting up Automated Reminders
    • Enabling your collaborative project site to automatically notify all new work assignments via email.
    • Setting up easy to find “My Work” reports or dashboards on your collaborative project site.
    • Setting up scheduled emails with nudges for upcoming or late work. For example, early Monday mornings send an email of the work due for the week and then on Thursday morning send another email with work still open and due this week.



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