3 Key Updates in the BrightWork 15.9 New Release

October 19, 2018 by

BrightWork has released the new Autumn 2019 update to its project and portfolio management solution on SharePoint. With BrightWork 15.9 (and 16.9) comes a host of new and exciting features including:

  • Resource Allocation
  • Syncing Workflows
  • Introduction of Boards into templates


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1. Resource Allocation


BrightWork 15.9 Resource Allocation


Evaluating the amount of time needed to complete a project along with taking stock of team members’ availability are essential components in planning a project. Resource Allocation in BrightWork comes in two major components. The first, is a report on work which has dates and hours of effort included. The second, found within Project Request Manager, is a list used to track resource usage estimates for project requests.

2. Syncing Workflows


BrightWork 15.9 Snycing Workflows


Workflows are a major benefit of using SharePoint for project management. The process of automating small, definable tasks might seem like a bonus to a small company but to a larger enterprise with hundreds or thousands of employees, it is invaluable.

After listening to feedback from our customers we have introduced the ability to sync both SharePoint 2010 List Workflows and Nintex Workflows in templates across project sites within BrightWork.

3. Boards in Templates


BrightWork 15.9 Boards


The Lists Board view was introduced to BrightWork in version 15.8 and has received immensely positive feedback from our user base. Kanban boards enable project managers to move through work quickly, addressing risks, tasks, and issues in a visual, modern way.

The List Board view is now available out-of-the-box in within the Task Boards in the Project LiteProject Standard and Project Structured templates. Work Board has also been added to the Work Tracker.


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