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3 Highlights From BrightWork 15.8 New Release

July 20, 2018 by

This week sees the new release of BrightWork for SharePoint with a range of new exciting features to make project and portfolio management easier and more efficient.

The key highlights in BrightWork 15.8 include:

  • Boards
  • Copying and Syncing Workflows
  • Improved Navigation.


For a more detailed demo of these features, watch our recorded webinar with BrightWork CEO Éamon McGuinness.


1. Boards

Boards introduces the simplest and most visual way to track what your team is working on in Sharepoint. The new Board view web part fits seamlessly alongside the existing Gant and Chart view web parts.

Kanban Boards

The Boards view allows you to intuitively drag and drop cards from one column to another in a Kanban style. Double clicking a card will open it for editing.



2. Copying and Syncing Workflows

This feature takes advantage of the ‘Reusable Workflow’ functionality in Sharepoint 2013. Simply put, you can take tasks or issues that you have used in the past and create ‘similar’ or identical items using a simple workflow reducing the amount of time spent setting up projects.

Reusable Workflows



3. Where am I?

BrightWork manages projects in a hierarchy. So being able to navigate around and know where you are at all times is important.

We have made significant enhancements to the navigation icons to make them larger and clearer to improve discoverability and ease of access. The ‘Where am I?’ option has changed too. Gone is the Collapse All and Reset actions. Instead you have a new Refresh which will update the list.

Where am I? will be much faster too. Results are cached locally now so you will not have to wait for the server to get you all the sites in the hierarchy each time. Can’t find what you need, then Refresh.

Finally, creating a project now includes an option to include the project name in the quick launch.

Rename Project Home



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