The 3 Ds for Managing Distractions!

January 29, 2018 by
Billy Guinan

We have found that the folks who find themselves easily distracted are the ones who have not set goals, have not organized their schedule to live their lives on purpose.

Below is a summary diagram of our 5 step approach to time management.  You’ll see you should be very deliberate in setting your personal and professional goals, before planning out your week to achieve these goals – they cannot happen by accident!


5 step time management process


However,  without fail,  there will be many distractions and interruptions that try to pull you away from what you are meant to be doing right now. Research shows an average office worker is interrupted or distracted every 3 mins, taking 23 minutes to fully re-focus on what they were doing!

This short video explains a simple technique to manage the inevitable distractions – the 3Ds.

  • Decide: When a distraction arises, you decide if you want to deal with this distraction now or later.
  • Delegate: If you decide to tackle the distraction, consider if you can delegate some work to a team member.
  • Defer:  Ask yourself – does this extra work need to happen right now or can you defer until a more suitable time?



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