Ritchey Design Use Discussions in SharePoint 2013 for Advanced Collaboration


Ritchey Design



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Midsize Company


Americas, Asia Pacific

Ritchey Design needed a project management solution to manage New Product Development. The company is well-known for its technical merits through attention to detail during the product design phase, combine with rigorous fatigue testing, resulting in high-quality, road and mountain bike components. To manage this meticulous process, Ritchey needed a collaborative platform to closely track and control details of their projects, especially down to the task level. They needed to measure the ownership, deadlines and responsiveness of both Project Tasks and the Discussions around these tasks. Since Ritchey had already migrated their SharePoint Intranet to Office 365, they needed their Project Office to be a cloud-based solution also.

Our rekindled focus to improve communication and relationships encompassing new product development led us to BrightWork. We needed to connect our conversations to tasks and deliverables so that our global teams can work faster and smarter. Our BrightWork liaison listened, and shaped their product to meet our needs: To effectively bring valuable new products to market through global collaborative conversation, without losing sight of necessary task structured development.
Rick Hartwell
General Manager – Asia, Ritchey Design


Ritchey Design chose BrightWork Online (hosted by BrightWork partner Project Hosts) because of the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint 2013.

They had an idea to include advanced collaboration of tasks by linking Project Tasks to Discussion Forums in SharePoint 2013. The redesigned Discussion App in SharePoint 2013 has been significantly improved, making it the perfect component to collaborate on project tasks in such detail.

Redesigned Discussion App


The need for close management of Projects / Project Tasks and Discussions was fulfilled with the Discussion App and the BrightWork Reporting Engine. The first step was to design the Discussion App as a “Work Item,” so that the Discussion could be processed as much as a Project Task.

Redesigned Discussion Form


They used custom views to track the status of project tasks, as well as the discussions linked to those tasks. Custom dashboards were built to report on Discussions across multiple projects.

With this new approach to task management, Ritchey has increased the overall visibility of their projects, and as a result have improved their time to market.


Hosting Partner

Ritchey Design is recognized around the world as one of the cycling industry’s premier innovators of high-quality bicycle components. Formed in 1972 by Tom Ritchey, the company actively designs a steady stream of new products, while constantly improving upon existing components, refining their lightness and durability with untiring drive, they call it; ‘relentless innovation.’ Modern day enthusiasts are very knowledgeable about their choices in the parts upgrade quest, Ritchey strives to be their very first choice.

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