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Mater Health Services comprises several hospitals, health centres, a world-class medical research institute, and pathology and pharmacy businesses—all with one aim—to provide Exceptional Care. Their concerted pursuit of innovation—to discover, improve, adopt and adapt—differentiates Mater as a leader in the areas of health, education and research.

For Mater, the BrightWork solution offers a practical piece of efficiency that reduces demand on resources and addresses some of the multiple reporting concerns identified by project managers.

Chris Lawler

Manager, Project Portfolio Office, Mater Health Services

Mater Saves Time and Lowers Project Costs with Online Project Status Reporting



The Project Portfolio Office at Mater Health Services found that project managers were inputting the same project information several times in order to create reports for various project stakeholders. They realized that that information could be used to build up more detailed reports on a project’s Steering Committee site. Mater wanted a solution that would allow project managers to enter the information in one location and then automatically generate multiple reports to suit the needs of each audience. A core goal for the solution was to provide senior executives with a high level, real-time reports on all large projects.



The Billing Improvement Project (BIP) and the Event, Risk, Improvement and Compliance (ERIC) Steering Committees deployed the online status reporting system. The report is automatically updated based on the information the project manager and team have entered into their project sites in the Project Portfolio Portal built from SharePoint and BrightWork.

BrightWork combines auto-calculated metrics with the brief text updates entered by the project manager to create a complete status report.

Mater Health Status Report in BrightWork

The SharePoint report can be viewed by committee members in advance of meetings, it can be displayed during a meeting and by senior executives at any time. It can be printed for those that still require a paper copy for offline review or record keeping.

The new status report view for the steering committees has provided excellent value and time saving for Mater Health. There has been a significant reduction in the time it takes for a project manager to generate a status report and the reduction in printing overhead. Even if half the committee still printed the single page screen report we would see a 90% reduction in paper and toner being used for status reports, which saves approximately $1000 per year for each Steering Committee.

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