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Before implementing BrightWork, GFB found it very difficult to get an accurate “birds-eye” view of how multiple projects were progressing. Most of the time individual project status reports were disjointed and in multiple formats, making it difficult to roll-up data and report across several of them. GFB needed:

  • Consolidated, up-to-date information that was necessary to manage the large projects and programs they were undertaking
  • In-depth time tracking by person, by task and by month for tax purposes
  • A comprehensive project management system that was incredibly easy to use

The goal was to reduce paperwork and other administrative duties required of the project team so they could be more efficient and productive.

BrightWork enables us to effectively coordinate, communicate, and control our projects and programs. We had a poor experience with two other similar products but our teams have rapidly adopted BrightWork. They were familiar with SharePoint and it is very easy to use. Also, the integration with Office enables us to consolidate data entered in BrightWork, export it to Access, and analyze it for reports and other purposes. The company and product have exceeded our expectations.
Jerry Johns
Program Manager, Georgia Farm Bureau


BrightWork enabled GFB to easily organize project information and report across their large programs and projects and use Access databases linked to SharePoint and BrightWork Reporter to analyze, report and save project information.

GFB chose BrightWork in part because it could be deployed on top of SharePoint, which the organization had been using for several years. BrightWork allows GFB to manage across large programs (some programs have 30+ projects) affecting several different business departments.

Using the project schedule, they can manage tasks at a summary level to track time and use project milestones to signify key events within a project or to indicate dependencies in other projects, which is necessary for the large projects they run.

The Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) Insurance Companies include the Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company and the Georgia Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company. GFB is the largest personal lines property and casualty insurance company in Georgia. It serves 350,000 Farm Bureau families with offices throughout all of Georgia’s 159 counties.

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