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Prior to using BrightWork, the Chicago Housing Authority’s (CHA) Technology Initiatives Office (TIO) was tracking all project requests and projects using various methods: Word document for project status report, Excel spreadsheets for tracking issues, risks and action items. It was all manual updates and reporting making it more time consuming to keep track of your projects and reporting. Reporting to leadership was also a manual process of updating a dashboard on an Excel spreadsheet.

I would definitely recommend BrightWork for project management especially if the organization is already using SharePoint. Because BrightWork leverages a lot of the SharePoint functionality, there isn’t a very big learning curve. Users can begin to use it almost immediately and is familiar since it is integrated into SharePoint
Rebecca Olvera
Project Manager, Chicago Housing Authority


The CHA’s TIO had been using SharePoint as the document repository for sharing and collaborating on projects. To a certain extent it was also used for project management: for storing Excel sheets for tracking issues, risks and action items and saving project status reports. Using BrightWork as a third-party tool allowed the Authority to leverage its SharePoint investment. The project teams continued to benefit from SharePoint and leverage BrightWork for project management and reporting.

The TIO had a customized template developed using a BrightWork OOTB IT Project Template. The template is consistent to the TIO’s project management methodology. CHA also leveraged the OOTB project request template from BrightWork. Each project request is now easily tracked and identified to current projects. This allows management to report on project requests to make decisions if a project is feasible to take on.

Customized dashboards were created to give the project teams and management consistent and immediate reporting on all projects the TIO is managing. OOTB workflows were also utilized on some of the processes that require approval. This has allowed us to be quicker on requesting approvals and sign offs on documents and reducing the amount of paper that used to be generated.

Other departments are realizing the capabilities that the BrightWork tool can bring to their own projects and have expressed interest in using the tool and project management in general.

Chicago Housing Authority have reaped many benefits from using the BrightWork solution but the most important ones are the amount of time spent in updating the project status reports and logs have been reduced. Being able to quickly report to management via dashboards has also been a huge benefit as well since maintaining your project status rolls up to other dashboards.

Chicago Housing Authority is the largest owner of rental housing in the city of Chicago, providing homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals, while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods all across the city. The CHA has more than 9,200 apartments in buildings designated for seniors and over 11,400 units in family and other housing types. It also oversees the administration of 37,000 Housing Choice vouchers that allow low-income families to rent in the private market.

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