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Baltimore County Public Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), the 25th largest school system in the United States with more than 113,000 students, is focused on developing lifelong learners through literacy. Team BCPS has been recognized by Education Week for having the second highest graduation rate among the nation’s largest school districts. We have also eliminated the black-white graduation gap.

At Baltimore County Public Schools, we find BrightWork a one-stop place for all our project portfolio needs. Assigning staff to tasks and activities is as easy as creating a dashboard for management reference. BrightWork was slowly rolled out into our IT department and we continue to add members as we are convinced this product was an excellent investment and has been a successful way to manage our projects.


Project Management Success, Made Easy

Learn how you can use BrightWork to simplify project management, get visibility across portfolios, and collaborate with your team using SharePoint.