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Manage New Project Requests on SharePoint

A key to project success is a proper project approval process. Projects need to be assessed for things like cost, likelihood of success, strategic fit, and availability of resources.

The new project request templates supplied with BrightWork include: Project Request Tracker; Project Request Manager; and Project Forecast Manager.

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Project Request Tracker

The Project Request Tracker template provides a very simple but transparent approach to managing incoming project requests. It facilitates the capture of key data about requested projects and allows this information to be sent for review and approval or rejection. The Project Request Tracker also contains tailored views that indicates where potential new projects are in the project management request approval process.

Project Request Manager

The Project Request Manager template offers a more involved process than the Project Request Tracker. It adds Business Goals, a Document Library for supporting documents, reports, workflows and dashboards to manage the pipeline of new project requests. Optional Alerts can be sent to notify the Project Review team.

Project Lite

Project Forecast Manager

The Project Forecast Manager template delivers all the advanced functionality of the Project Request Manager template plus resource usage planning for those that need it.

The template includes a ‘Resource Planning’ section for capturing Resource Estimates (for projects in the request pipeline) and Resource Pool details. Additional reports are also included to help determine the impact and viability of these projects, with respect to the resources required to complete them and the resources available to do the work.

Project Standard

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