Why BrightWork?

BrightWork is a SharePoint-based project management application that includes a range of best-practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting.

BrightWork guarantees greater simplicity for project managers, immediate visibility and control for senior executives, and a path to continuous project management improvement for the organization.

Successfully Control Portfolios of Projects

The portfolio management templates included with BrightWork enable Senior executives to ensure customer and sponsor satisfaction with the necessary visibility into project statuses, resources and proposed projects that delivers practical and effective control.

Approve with Scalable Project Request Management

Deploy a consistent and objective project selection process that ensures approved projects are aligned with organizational goals.

Track with Real-time Portfolio Dashboards

Get high-level visibility across all the projects in the organization, with metrics and traffic light indicators, enabling senior executives to exercise the control required to eliminate project failure and ensure happy customers.

Allocate with High Visibility Resource Management

Manage the resource allocation across existing and new projects, ensuring that skilled resources are not being over- or underutilized.

Manage Projects to Success

BrightWork enables project managers to increase project success and deliver on expectations with collaborative and intuitive project management templates and automated project management reporting.

Start with Standardized Project Management Templates

Initiate projects the right way every time with the right amount of project management for the project and team in question.

Manage with Collaborative Toolset

Intuitive project management features allow project managers to easily assign work to team members; track and re-plan the project; always see what is going on in the project and keep stakeholders informed about the progress of the project.

Inform with Automated Reporting

Keep stakeholders informed and easily manage sponsor relationships with automated reporting and dashboards that delivers tailored project information to the people who need it.

Contribute to Project Success

Team members contribute to the success of the project with a collaborative project platform with team member specific dashboards.

Understand with Team-focused Project Site

Give team members a single place to go to discover the goals of the project and understand what work is expected of them and when it is due.

Deliver with Work Management System

Team members can use the work management system to update the progress of their work and easily flag any of their work items as an issue that require attention.

Connect with Microsoft SharePoint Platform

Knowledge bases, user profiles and advanced search in SharePoint facilitate the quick discovery of project and organizational knowledge, training and expertise

Evolve Project Management

Project management champions grow organizational project management to an optimal level of maturity by starting with best practice templates that you can easily evolve without IT assistance.

Deploy with Low IT Burden

A familiar SharePoint interface and easy cloud or on premise deployment all result in successful user and organizational adoption.

Coordinate with Best-Practice Project Management Templates

The range of different-sized project management templates supplied with BrightWork enable all projects in the organization to start the right way every time, with the right amount of project management for the project and team in question.

Evolve with Easy to Configure Templates

Easy configuration options and template management features make it easy to build improved processes into templates and roll out new project management practices.

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